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The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meets monthly. The meetings are open to the public if you wish to attend, meetings take place on the second Monday of each month at 1pm in the Beech Mountain Town Hall Chambers.

At over 5,500 feet, Eastern America’s Highest Town offers unparalleled recreation and relaxation for every season.

Enjoy incredible views from our cozy restaurants and over 700 lodging options, from quaint inns to private rental homes. Rent a home or condo with a Beech Mountain Club membership and enjoy gourmet dining, swimming, golf or tennis. The options on Beech are just like our views… endless!

Shop at a country store, hike a waterfall trail, view pristine wildlife, fish in a mountain lake, or just breathe in the fresh air

Stunning scenery year round

Stunning scenery year round

Beech Mountain's private club is accessible by renting qualified lodging

Beech Mountain's private club is accessible by renting qualified lodging

The Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit dedicated to providing information and fun adventures to the visitors and residents of Beech Mountain. We do this through events, festivals and special gatherings, all of which require the support of people like you to be successful. If you had a wonderful time at one of our events, festivals or gatherings considering donate to the cause to ensure that mountain fun lives on into the future generations.

There are also sponsorship options for individuals, businesses and corporations. Call for more information: 828-387-9283