Carl Marquardt

 Previous Places You Called Home:

Beech Mountain and Mount Pleasant, SC


Watauga High School

Emory & Henry College, BA Economics & Accounting

Appalachian State University, MA Gerontology

Previous Employment:

McJunkin Corporation –Industrial Distribution (Pipe, Valves & Fittings)

Branch Manager Charleston, SC

Leader Mergers & Acquisitions Team 

Why do you live on Beech Mountain? What are your favorite places/aspects?

137 Raven Road

Golf Course  /Pond Creek Trail

What is your vision for Beech Mountain?

Healthy balance between year round residents /non-resident property owners with an understanding of the extremely seasonal variations in population given the resort destination aspect of our mountain.

What top three significant issues do you see Beech Mountain facing and what is your solution to those issues?


The challenges facing the mountain in the short and long term are myriad and complex, none of which have a simple “solution”

 The current action plan on addressing the water/sewer deficiencies with a prudent and conservative approach to debt load management should continue –as will this spring with water and sewer line replacement and upgrades in Charter Hills section. Both projects are approximately $2M. The next major project on this front should be Greenbrier with water/sewer line replacement and road paving.

 Completion of the comprehensive road study and recommendations as to prioritizing further paving, using data compiled to create a more complete plan in regards to upgrading and maintaining all of our roads, gravel and paved.

 Raw water supply- through either the Watauga River Intake, or hopefully, through the discovery of 1 or 2 viable well sources from the 3 test wells currently funded. If there is to be a possibility of growth on the mountain the need for additional raw water supply is of paramount importance.

What thoughts do you have, if any, to improve the appearance of the Town (e.g. roads, clubhouse, public areas, entrance to Town, commercial corridor, building appearances, etc.)?

Continue to support the ongoing public and private efforts completed and ongoing – personally I am not displeased with the current state of these –although I do not know which “beach” is being referred to here. 

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Create a road fund with which to be able to address the priority needs and wants that are identified in the currently underway master road plan. Personally I have long advocated for the need to pave Buckeye Creek Road creating a second ingress/egress for the mountain.

How will you be responsive to citizens and to support and improve citizen involvement in city government?

As throughout my service to the Town, both on Council as well as TDA Board and Board of Adjustment I will remain available to hear and respond to the concerns and issues of all residents and property owners. Those that have attended Council Meetings or watched on-line know well that I always thank and encourage public engagement and involvement in the ongoing issues facing the town. Given the size of our community public service is almost a requirement of each of us, it is why I have served and seek to continue doing so. 

Additional comments or concerns:

Voting is a fundamental privilege of our Republic. Informed, respectful and thoughtful discourse is essential. Divisive issues are unavoidable but our ability to debate these with civility and mutual respect  for all positions is a laudable goal that we should all strive to achieve.