Kelly Melang

Previous Places You Called Home:

Ellicott City, MD; Washington DC ; Orlando FL; Cleveland OH;

Swampscott MA; Baltimore MD; Atlanta GA; Alexandria VA;

Winston Salem NC


Resurrection Catholic School

Archbishop Keough High School

Loyola University - Creative Writing

Previous Employment:

Self Employed - Social Media Manager/Writer

Computer Training Consultant - Self Employed

Computer/ Networking Manager - Thomson Financial Services

AS400 Sales Person - Manpower Temporary Services

District Sales for USAIR

Piedmont Airlines Reservationist

Beech Mountain Affiliations (Club, Ski Patrol, Fire Department, etc.):

Club Fitness Instructor, Parks and Rec Committee, Local Event Coordinator, Volunteer Trail Guide, Secretary, Beech Mountain Bourbon Society, Administrator Beech Mountain Academy

Why do you live on Beech Mountain? What are your favorite places/aspects?

I live on Beech Mountain because I love the outdoors. I love hiking, skiing, bike riding on the mountain. I skied 118 days last season. My favorite places are Beech Mountain Resort and The Emerald Outback. I love this small town and the people who live here. We are unique and special.

What is your vision for Beech Mountain?

I see Beech Mountain growing into the future. I see Beech Mountain demographic for vacationers trending to families and closer states than Florida. We need to work hard to make sure our town’s infrastructure grows with the town as more families rent or purchase homes for vacations or full time living.

Why should voters elect you to Town Council?

I will bring a fresh perspective to Town Council. I will listen to the residents (both full time and part time) and vote based on their views and concerns. I believe we need a new direction in this town and that is why I chose to run. I also want to help plan for future infrastructure projects and have great leadership in place to implement them.

What top three significant issues do you see Beech Mountain facing and what is your solution to those issues?

Three significant issues are all based on infrastructure. I would like to see more progress with the water and sewer lines. I don’t think most residents know that over 35 fire hydrants on the mountain do not work. Our roads are crumbling, and we seem to just put up orange cones that sit there for years. I’d like to see the town move forward with a more concrete plan for our roads. The Watauga Lake intake will also help this town grow and accommodate more visitors. In order to get this done, we have to have a plan and be already working on water and sewer lines. We cannot wait on this issue.

What thoughts do you have, if any, to improve the appearance of the Town (e.g. roads, clubhouse, public areas, entrance to Town, etc.)?

I believe our town is beautiful. The new public works building will correct the only place I see that needs an upgrade. Our roads are showing a lot of wear and tear. We need a plan to fix Beech Mountain parkway. I am also open to looking into a plan to pave gravel roads.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

I would use this money to start paving Buckeye Road, hoping to secure other grants to finish paving. According to Town Management estimates are over 2 million dollars.

How will you be responsive to citizens and to support and improve citizen involvement in city government?

I am always available via email and phone. I also make sure I am out and about town and available for people to speak to me. I will also plan on keeping citizens up to date using social media.

Additional comments or concerns:

I believe it is time for new faces who will bring a fresh positive approach to the council and be able to offer possible solutions to the town’s challenges. It is time for the town representatives to work together and move forward cooperatively, professionally towards the same common goal. It is time to put personal opinions and feelings aside and look at truly what decisions are best in the long term for Beech Mountain. I believe I can represent the Beech Mountain residents with poise, fair sense of decision making, leadership qualities, and make residents proud to live here.