Wendel Sauer

Previous Places You Called Home:

Owings Mills, Maryland;     Miami, Florida;      West Palm Beach, Florida;        

Indialantic, Florida     and     Murphy, North Carolina


Grades 1-12 in Maryland

Miami-Dade Community College, Florida

Florida International University, BA in Business Management

Previous Employment:

Gulf Oil Service Station – Station attendant in Maryland

US Air Force – Aircraft Maintenance, various bases US and abroad

Florida Power & Light – Customer Service

Beech Mountain Affiliations (Club, Ski Patrol, Fire Department, etc.):

BM Volunteer Fire Dept

 BM Town Council

 BM Chamber of Commerce

Why do you live on Beech Mountain? What are your favorite places/aspects?

Mountain living in general, cool, temperate climate with Friendly neighbors.

What is your vision for Beech Mountain?

To see it grow and prosper.

Why should voters elect you to Town Council?

I have lived on Beech Mountain permanently since Sept. 2000. Almost from the start I volunteered to be on the BMVFD and assisted the Chamber of Commerce with their activities. Four years ago, I was elected to our Town Council and have attended all council meetings and most of our designated Committee Meetings. During that time, I believe I’ve demonstrated my dedication to helping Beech Mountain to grow and prosper. I believe I can help further.

What top three significant issues do you see Beech Mountain facing and what is your solution to those issues?

1) Secure Adequate Water Supply – Seek well water first, but if insufficient I would work to

                secure a pipeline to the Watauga River as a source. We have one well now, more are needed.

2) Upgrading Water & Sewer Lines – this is an ongoing effort that needs to be phased in so not to cause price spikes in Utility Bills.

3) New Public Works Building – We have already selected a Contractor but we’ll need to closely monitor construction to see that we get our monies worth, including a timely completion.

What thoughts do you have, if any, to improve the appearance of the Town (e.g. roads, clubhouse, public areas, entrance to Town, etc.)?

Encourage businesses to improve their facades where possible with potential grants through the Tourist Development Authority. Work with the NC State DOT to have them maintain the States road up from Banner Elk to the entrance to the Beech Mountain Resort.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

I would apply 100% of it to help #1 above - Secure Adequate Water Supply. At some point in our future, hopefully not too near, our lack of adequate water supplies will bring growth on Beech Mountain to a halt.

How will you be responsive to citizens and to support and improve citizen involvement in city government?

I would maintain and hopefully improve on the progress made so far: At Council Meetings citizens have two opportunities, vs one before, to express their opinions. We now have fewer Closed Sessions and hold them before Council Meetings so any needed votes will occur in that day’s Council Meeting. Last year and again this year we held Town Hall meetings at the Rec. Center, hopefully with the new council this will continue. With improved communications we have opened up Committee participation to not just full-time residents but to those here on Beech Mountain on a part time basis as well.

Additional comments or concerns:

                Nothing to add at this time.